General Questions

Yes. Spéirview is fully licensed and holds an aerial works permit from the Irish aviation authority. We have completely all the training currently available to Irish unmanned aerial vehicles pilots.

Yes. Spéirview is fully insured with over 6 million euro public liability insurance for operation of RPAS.

Each job is priced on a case by case basis due to factors like location, risk, permit requirements, extra flight permissions and time on site.

Unfortunately, the weather can cause issues. We cannot fly in the rain and, depending on the location, strong winds can be a problem. If a shoot is planned and the weather forecast is poor, we will work to reschedule with you. Each project is discussed on a case by case basis.

Under Irish RPAS rules, we are permitted to fly up to 400ft high. Speirview are qualified to fly out to 500m. We cannot fly directly over people not under control of our pilots or team. We also must maintain a distance of 30 meters from buildings not under our control or 120 meters from group of 12 or more people.

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Why us?

There are lots of reasons to choose us for your aerial service needs but here are some of the key points

  • We're Fully Trained
  • Certifed by the Irish Aviation Authory
  • Hold Extensive Insurance
  • Use Industry leading tools & equipment