Aerial Photography

High quality aerial images for a variety of uses on the web, in print media or as comissioned pieces.

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Aerial Filming / Videography

Stunning high resolution videos in all formats that you require. From 4K UHD at 24/30fps to 1080p60. Break through limits and add Hollywood prodction values to your project.

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Real Estate

Aerial services are changing the face of real estate. Show prospective buyers properties from a completely different angle. Make your listing stand out in the crowd.

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Business Showcase

Showcase your business with a professional aerial video of what you can offer to the public.

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Producing beautiful cinematic aerial shots, drones can capture views of your wedding day that can't be catpured otherwise. From photos to video we can add the little extra to your big day.

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Golf Course Flyovers

Showcase your golf course with aerial photography or a stunning flyover video. We can produce hole by hole flyovers videos which you can use to promote your club.

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To ensure we are able to fulfil your needs on a given project we have the following simple process.
For any job, we need to know the following information which we then use to form a pre-flight survey to assess if we can safetly undertake your project.

  • Project Brief

    The creative brief for your project of what you are looking to achieve. This gives us the details to allow us to know if the project is possible from both a safety and complience with regualtions aspects.

  • Planned Location

    The location which your project will shot. A google maps link or Eircode is perfered. This allows us to ensure it's not within a restricter area.

  • Date and time

    What is the purposed time and date for the shot. How long do you need the team on site?

  • Subject

    What it is you want us to photo or video? Actors, Landscapes, Properties etc

Get in touch with your project idea today and recieve 10% off your first project with us. Our aerial services can make your business stand out in a crowded field.